Business Card Request

All payment must be made to bank details stated below :

Name: IQI Holdings Sdn Bhd
Bank: RHB Bank
Account Number: 26423600009110

To request a new set of business cards, please fill in the following details. Please note that there may be a charge for printing.

The cut-off time for all request is every Friday 12:00pm. (Means, even if you request on Monday, your name card will be send to print on Friday 12:00pm). Any request later than that and your business card will be sent to print on the next Friday 12:00pm.

A member of our team will confirm the request once its been received and update on production time. The following options are available:

IQI Realty REN Name Card Package West Malaysia East Malaysia
QTY (Under 1 name) RM RM
2 Boxes (200 pcs) 40.00 50.00
3 Boxes (300 pcs) 45.00 55.00
5 Boxes (500 pcs) 60.00 70.00
10 Boxes (1000 pcs) 90.00 100.00

Please allow 4-5 working days (after Friday) for printing.