Global Real Estate Partner

With properties and offices in Dubai, Malaysia, Australia and Canada, IQI is your lifetime global real estate partner. We have hundreds of properties all over the world so why not see how you can diversify your property portfolio with us.Read More »

Development Marketing & Advisory

Our team of experts are specialised and highly experienced in all aspects of property marketing and advisory. Whether it’s market research, sales and marketing strategies or target markets, we are here to make sure your development will achieve its maximum potential.Read More »

Interior Design & Fitting

IQI Concept is your 360° turnkey solution for commercial and residential properties. Once you’ve bought your property, you don’t need to worry about renovation. Our professional team is here for all your interior design needs bringing innovative and contemporary designs to your projects.Read More »

Investment Advisory

IQI uses creative and innovative strategies that give you the best return on investments. Our experts have over 20 years of experience in real estate, corporate and commercial investments.Read More »

Co-Development & Funding

Our extensive services include land acquisition, conceptualisation, funding and fund syndication for developers to maximise their investments. We are there to handle management and financial aspects of your development to enhance the success of your venture.Read More »

Property Management

In collaboration with vIQI, a registered valuation and property management company, we offer a complete residential and commercial property management service. Our expertise and use of efficient and effective systems will support the entire process from the first step.Read More »


Our expertise and outstanding performance has been noticed by Malaysia’s leading property portal, where IQI were awarded “Agency of the Year (Platinum)” and “Outstanding Real Estate Agency of Year (Platinum)” in 2015.

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