Malaysian economy in these turbulent times

As we navigate through turbulent times, a slowdown in the global economy, negative interest rate regime, the Malaysian economy has displayed resilience and strength to withstand the global financial market pressure.

Malaysian economy

GDP growth is moving in a structured manner, the Ringgit has appreciated 7.3% against the US Dollar and 17% against pound sterling YTD. Foreign investors are moving back into the local market. It does validate our point that despite structural hiccups in the economy, real estate will continue to remain on smart investors’ radar so as to preserve wealth for their future generations. Real estate investments that offer guaranteed rents of 6% yearly and ROI after 5 years of 80% are very possible in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

More about Nabeel Mungaye:

As COO at IQI, Nabeel is responsible for group wide operational strategy and ensuring risk management systems are in place and that strategic, financial, operational and external risks are managed. With his background in complex IT financial risk systems, Nabeel is also responsible for aligning group IT objectives and programmes.

Before IQI, Nabeel worked at Lloyds of London on the strategic implementation of Solvency II prior to which he was based at HSBC, Barclays and other UK financial institutions on Basel II, UK Asset Protection Scheme and various other Risk Management systems.

Nabeel is British and has a degree in Computer Science. He is based at our head office in Kuala Lumpur.