Productivity – Find your Productivity Style

Productivity level may vary according to individual, and some days the productivity level is very low. So, how do we become more consistent in our productivity level every day and achieve a productive week at work? Well, an article from Entrepreneur revealed a few tips on how to discover your personal productivity style so that you can become productive consistently.

It’s an interesting read, and simple to follow!

Here are a few highlights from the article.

Productivity Style

  • Morning or a night person?

If you are a morning person, take notice of the time when you are most energetic and seem to be on the roll. Then, once you have identified the optimal time for productivity, plan the most difficult time around the time. However, if you are not a morning person, worry not. Shift your plan into the afternoon and plan important or difficult time around that time.

  • Ideal environment

Try different locations to find which works for you. Some people prefer to work in silence in the library, and some prefer to work in coffee shops. But, make sure that you don’t get too distracted and start procrastinating again.

  • Music

According to the article, music has been proven to help get your productivity juices flowing. 15 minutes of music of your choice can get you pumped, energetic and put you back on track of your work. However, just not that for some people, listening to music might get them distracted. So try both methods and see which one works best.

  • Best interval time

The article recommends the Pomodoro Tecnique to cut up tasks into shorter time intervals. The recommendation is 25 minutes of laser-focused work.

  • Stop doing things you hate

It’s important to stop forcing yourself to do things that don’t work for you. If you don’t like a particular app, then don’t use it. Wasting time on these types of tasks will make you less productive in the end.

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